Who are we?

Behind SlimEDC there is a group of software developers and professionals from the field of market research in the pharmaceutical industry with longterm experience in the business.

Who are we?

SlimEDC was created by software developers and professionals from the field of market research not only in pharmaceutical industry.

Our goal

Our goal is to minimize the costs and maximize the effectiveness of realisation of studies and surveys in the field of life-sciences.

Our mission

We are developing a self service software, that will in a more effective way speed up the realisation of the studies and reduce the costs.

Our history

SlimEDC was developed in 2016 as a software tool for support of implementation of marketing researches and non-interventional studies for market research agencies working in the field of pharmaceutical industry in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic.
Since then we are constantly developing the SlimEDC and hard working on its functionality and reliability. 

6 steps process of a regular project in SlimEDC

1. Goals

The definition of the survey goals is a prerequisite for the well-designed questionnaires that make up the whole study. It is important to consult with industry experts.

2. Target

The specification of the target group with reference to their geographical and demographical allocation has impact on the quality of the data output.

3. Questionaire

The creation of questionnaires with regard to the defined goals of the research and targeted respondents can be directed by the research sponsor or part of our service.

4. Set up

After the formal approval of the form of the questionnaires and the whole study, the study is technically prepared in the SlimEDC software and distributed to the target.

5. Data collection

The data collection is done under the daily supervision of our study managers, who are taking care of the quality of collected data and, if necessary, are in contact with the respondents. 

6. Analysis

The collected data are used for analyses by the research sponsor itself or the analyses becomes a part of the provided service and is done by our statistical team. 

Why should you choose us?

If we receive complete documents, we are able to set up the study within 24 hours and thus start with the data collection almost immediately. 

We are available to you and your respondents anytime during working hours. In case of technical failure even non-stop. 

Through SlimEDC, we have conducted dozens of studies for clients such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Servier, Sanofi, Chiesi, Kantar Health and many others.

Data are processed in accordance with GDPR and are technically securely stored in accordance with ISO 27001. We work in terms of  ISO 9001 and with BHBIA certification.

SlimEDC is very easy to use, so for the administrators of the study as for the respondents. 

Interim results are available in real time and anytime after login to the SlimEDC interface.

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Objednajte si termín živej ukážky SlimEDC

Možnosti EDC systému SlimEDC Vám najlepšie predvedieme počas živej ukážky. Dohodnite si s nami termín a prostredníctvom konferenčného hovoru Vám ukážeme referenčné projekty alebo Vám na reálnom príklade Vašej štúdie ukážeme ako ľahko a rýchlo dokážeme projekt zrealizovať.

Book a live consultation of SlimEDC

The best, how to show you the possibilities of EDC system SlimEDC, is during a live demonstration. Arrange a meeting with us and during a conference call we will go through our reference projects or we will show you on a real example of your study how easy and fast we are able to manage your project.