Cloud platform for electronic data collection in life-sciences

Retrospective and prospective studies, patient studies (ePRO)
and market research in a modern online interface.

No commitments, no payments.

How does SlimEDC work?

SlimEDC is a tool for management and development of researches or studies in the field of life-sciences supplied also in the form of SaaS.


SlimEDC is available as a standalone software or as a complex service

SlimEDC is available as a software, that is fully managed by the research sponsor  or as a complex service, where the entire process up to the evaluation of data is provided by a professional SlimEDC team.


SlimEDC is fully adapted to EU legislation

SlimEDC is adapted to EU environment and legislation. The respondents are contracted electronically, the software generates all the legally required reports. Respondents are contracted by SlimEDC, not by the sponsor.


Consistent with: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, BHBIA, GDPR compliant

SlimEDC is operated in accordance with ISO 9001 and 27001, SlimEDC team is BHBIA certificated and has undergone pharmacovigilance trainings. The legal and data security is subject to strict GDPR audit conducted by independent authority.

Who is SlimEDC suitable for?

Pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies, academics, research agencies.

Pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies

SlimEDC is used as software or as service by pharmaceutical companies for market research, prospective or retrospective studies, and also as support for

e-learning activities. 

Research agencies in the field of life-sciences

SlimEDC is also available for market research agencies, which need a suitable and verified software for their end clients, in order to reduce costs and speed up the delivery of outputs.

Academics, research organisations

SlimEDC is fully usable also in the scientific sphere, where it can be used free of charge for management of non-commercial studies or researches. Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Studies fully under control online

Interim results in real time, management of respondents, online contracting system, reports and financial administration.

Objednajte si termín živej ukážky SlimEDC

Možnosti EDC systému SlimEDC Vám najlepšie predvedieme počas živej ukážky. Dohodnite si s nami termín a prostredníctvom konferenčného hovoru Vám ukážeme referenčné projekty alebo Vám na reálnom príklade Vašej štúdie ukážeme ako ľahko a rýchlo dokážeme projekt zrealizovať.

Book a live consultation of SlimEDC

The best, how to show you the possibilities of EDC system SlimEDC, is during a live demonstration. Arrange a meeting with us and during a conference call we will go through our reference projects or we will show you on a real example of your study how easy and fast we are able to manage your project.